AlphaGrip Enables
Anywhere Thinking

Write emails, instant messages, and take notes comfortably from any position at 50 words per minute and enjoy 10-finger touch control for enhanced, desk-free gaming with an iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard, a handheld keyboard and mouse that has the look and feel of a game controller on steroids. With a scientifically designed button layout, Enhanced Qwerty, the iGrip gives you fast, comfortable access to all the keys you need for high speed typing and gaming. Its handheld design enables powerful desk-free computing from any location in any position: leaning away from your desk, standing up, riding in a vehicle, relaxing on a sofa in your living room, sitting on the floor, leaning back in a recliner, or even lying in bed. The iGrip is also the best all around input device for laptop and notebook computers, whether in the office, on the road, or at home.

     Ever since Man first put chisel to stone, he required a hard, flat, stationary surface in order to record his thoughts in an efficient, productive manner.
     When the quill pen was introduced in Italy in the 15th Century, man had to find a desk to support his writing tools.
     When the typewriter and touch typing were invented, writing speeds quadrupled to 40 words per minute, but you still needed a desk to get any serious writing done.
     In the 2nd half of the 20th century the keyboard was king; king of the desk that is. When you got an idea, you probably went to a desk, wrote it down, expanded on it, edited it, and sent it to colleagues for feedback. Your best thinking was done at a keyboard and desk.
     As computing moved from offices to living rooms, hotel rooms, and bedrooms, the keyboard made the move with poor results. Balancing a laptop, notebook computer, or a keyboard on your lap was awkward, uncomfortable and not conducive to typing for an extended period of time. The miniature thumb keyboard or a pen stylus with handwriting recognition was okay for short messages, but a desk and keyboard were still necessary to type longer messages efficiently.
     In the 21st Century, the AlphaGrip, a handheld device that enables typing speeds of over 50 words per minute, ushers in the age of productive "anywhere" computing.

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