AlphaGrip Typing Demos

Whether working or gaming at the office, at home, or on the run, fast, comfortable input is a must. Though the QWERTY keyboard currently rules the desktop computing roost, almost everyone sees the need for a better input mechanism, especially for home and mobile computing. In the living room, it’s awkward to balance a keyboard on your lap or lean over to use it on a coffee table. And when you’re on the go, typing emails or text messaging on a smart phone is slow and tedious relative to typing on a full size keyboard. Even at the office, if you want to lean back away from your desk, balancing a keyboard on your lap is less than ideal.

Enter the iGrip with AlphaGrip technology. Type up to 70 words per minute while standing, sitting, reclining, walking, or lying in bed. The iGrip provides a portable, comfortable way to write emails, take notes, compose memos, and create text messages 2-5 times faster than you can with a cell phone keypad or thumb keyboard and much more comfortably than a keyboard and mouse. See for yourself as the iGrip is demoed by a teen in a recliner, on a laptop outdoors, gaming on a flat screen TV, and literally on the run. Typing speeds in these demos reach 70+ words a minute.

We believe the handheld-typing and typing-while-running demos are world records for high speed typing on a handheld device and typing while running.

Teen types quickly and comfortably on a laptop computer connected to a flat panel TV while reclining.

Inventor typing 50 words per minute while standing.

Setting a world record for high speed typing on a handheld device while its actually being held (as opposed to being connected to a keyboard, resting on a flat, stationary surface).

Walking on a treadmill while working on a computer, and setting a world record for high speed typing while running.

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