Super Mobile Computing

Most people do their best thinking when they're on the move. AlphaGrip’s touch typing technology allows you to record your thoughts at a rate of up to 70 words per minute while walking or running without looking down at the keys. When you come up with an idea, you don’t have to wait until you can get to a desk to write it down and expand on it. You can also write emails, take notes, compose memos or other documents, and create text messages 2-5 times faster than you can with a cell phone keypad or thumb keyboard. While our technology can make all of this possible, we have yet to produce an AlphaGrip-enabled smartphone or Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). For more information, please see our handheld computing page.

In the meantime, we know of at least one customer who loves using an AlphaGrip to work on her laptop while walking on a treadmill. What a great way to exercise and work at the same time, while being just as productive as if she was sitting at a desk using a full size keyboard and mouse. In the video on this page, see the AlphaGrip’s inventor demonstrate super mobile computing by typing while walking and then setting a world record for high speed typing while running.

Eventually we plan to produce a split AlphaGrip - one unit for each hand - to better enable comfortable high speed typing while walking or running.

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