The Andersen TrackballBooster

The Andersen TrackballBooster is a simple AutoHotkey script written by one of our first customers, Carl Andersen, to increase the speed of the AG-5's trackball. Just save the program to your computer and activate it when using the AlphaGrip. Once it is running, you can toggle it on or off by pressing the PrtSc button. To close the program, right click on the icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and select Exit.

The Andersen TrackballBooster also increases the speed of your desktop mouse. When the program is deactivated, however, (either by toggling it off or exiting the program), the speed of your desktop mouse will return to normal.

If the TrackballBooster makes your trackball move too fast or not fast enough, try adjusting your computer's mouse speed settings accordingly.

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