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Ars Technica: AlphaGrip AG-5 Handheld Keyboard and Mouse  
" ... the AG-5 is a great product ... it is a powerful and innovative input mechanism ... Being able to play while leaning back in my chair was a very liberating experience ... "
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ExtremeTech: You Call That a Keyboard? The AlphaGrip AG-5 "Holy juiced joystick Batman! ... The AlphaGrip is one of several handheld keyboards on the market today, and quite frankly, it blows them all out of the water."
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NBC Channel 4 News - Digital Edge: Technology Reporter I.J. Hudson said, "Willner may have invented the proverbial better mousetrap for computer users." (see video from the right)

techFEAR: AlphaGrip AG-5 Keyboard and Mouse  "There is rarely a product release in this market that completely redefines its space particularly when that product is as simple as a keyboard ... The AlphaGrip AG-5 may be destined to change that bumpy road."
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Click on the play button above to view a report by Washington’s NBC affiliate Channel 4 about AlphaGrip.

Getting a Grip
by Charles Reuben : "...My naturally-curved fingers don’t hover over the keys in an awkward, two-dimensional plane. Instead, they slip comfortably around the keyboard and the downward pressure of my fingers, as well as those muscles above and on the side of my fingers, create the pressure necessary to activate a keystroke."
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Website 101: Innovation is Alive and Well on the Web! by Mike Banks Valentine: "...This innovative goody is one I wanted to take home immediately... Imagine reclining in an easy chair, typing using mostly the back surface of what appears to be a video game controller!"
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Entrepreneur’s Start-Ups Magazine: What's the Big Idea?
"... Michael Willner ... came up with an idea for a handheld keyboard shaped like a game controller called the AlphaGrip. It was infinitely more portable than a full-size keyboard and would allow people to type up to 70 words per minute from virtually anywhere." ( )

PC Magazine: Get A Grip
"Do you want email access fast and on the go? AlphaGrip Inc. may have the answer … with its patented AlphaGrip "text input solution," a device-agnostic hand-held keyboard that can be used with lots of devices including cell phones, PDAs, and interactive TVs. "


FROM GERMANY AlphaGrip Ag-5 - Keyboard and mouse in the Gamepad
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MYCOM PC WEB: Keyboard and Mouse and Game Controller and Remote Control and......? "AlphaGrip"
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Bestofmicro: The Alternative to the Keyboards and Mouse
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Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers : AlphaGrip was selected to demonstrate its technology in October 2004 at the premier conference for wearable computing "bringing together industrialists, military and government officials, and the fashion industry to discuss the latest research results, demonstrate their latest gadgets, and exhibit current products."
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The Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT: AlphaGrip was selected to present its technology in September 2004 at MIT’s 2nd Annual Emerging Technologies Conference, which showcased "the technologies that are poised to make a dramatic impact on our world."
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Charmed Brave New Unwired World Fashion Show: AG presented at Internet World's Trade Shows in New York, Sweden, and Paris.
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