Modifying Your AlphaGrip iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard and Trackball

The AlphaGrip can be tailored to fit a user's particular hand-size. A simple modification would be to merely widen the Grip by attaching a pad to each side as shown on the right. For users with larger hands, this reduces the "bend" in your fingers and straightens your wrists out reducing what’s called "extension."

It’s relatively easy to tailor your iGrip. All you need is some foam (like kids’ foam building blocks), glue, and an Exacto knife. It actually can be enjoyable, in an arts and crafts sort of way, sculpting and attaching add-ons to your AlphaGrip, thus tailoring its ergonomics to your precise hand size.

In addition to widening your iGrip, you can also attach add-ons to the back keys to minimize finger movement and better accommodate your hand size. For people with larger hands, add-ons can reduce the distance your fingers must "bend" to press the outside portion of the rocker keys. For people with smaller hands, add-ons may reduce the distance your fingers must stretch to press the inside portion of the rocker keys. Less bending, stretching and movement of fingers should result in a more ergonomic AlphaGrip experience.

For more information about modifying your Grip, please see the Comfortable Computing section of the AlphaGrip Wiki at

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