AlphaGrip's iGrip as a Gaming Keyboard

If you play with a keyboard and mouse
Using AlphaGrip's iGrip as a gaming keyboard, you can play away from a desk in any comfortable position you choose, in any location you choose, without losing any functionality -- including high speed typing. AlphaGrip combines the comfort of a game controller with the functionality of a keyboard and mouse. Plus, a trackball provides comfortable, desk-free cursor control.

If you play with a game controller
Used as a gaming keyboard, the AlphaGrip's ten-finger control greatly enhances your ability to generate any action: firing a weapon, moving quickly, crouching, jumping, punching, swinging, whatever, by maximizing the number of actions you can take with a single press with a single finger of a single key. If you are currently using your two thumbs and two index fingers to play games, adding the use of six fingers will more than double your capabilities. Of course, being able to quickly create text messages and, in fact, having full control of your computer with a game controller, is pretty wild too. In its current form, the iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard does not function as a game controller for popular game consoles such as the Wii, XBox or Playstation, though we hope to produce an iGrip game controller in the future.

“The AlphaGrip is awesome for games since all the keys
are right there with the mouse.” Mitch G.
World of Warcraft
One AlphaGrip user, Chris Williams, customized his key binds to play the massively multiplayer online role-playing game known as World of Warcraft. The binds are designed so that the finger side keys control all "movement or battle centric" commands. You can see the Willliams World of Warcraft Key Binds here. To learn more about them, go to the WoW Key Binds Commentary page.

Battlefield 2
AlphaGrip user Aaron Ping provided his key binds for the first-person shooter game Battlefield 2. He believes that, “(T)he AlphaGrip is far superior to mouse and keyboard style gaming ... With the AlphaGrip, I never stop moving and that can be the difference between seizing a coveted vehicle like the helicopter or getting left on the ground ... The AlphaGrip serves all my gaming needs in one comfortable package. It IS the keyboard and mouse. It’s just a lot easier to use.”
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