• Minimized Finger Movement - With letters scientifically arranged, buttons on AlphaGrip's iGrip computer keyboard are designed to minimize finger movement for faster and more comfortable typing. AlphaGrip's "automatic touch typing" capabilities let you say goodbye to hunting and pecking. Ten-finger control also allows for high-speed computer gaming.

  • A trackball provides comfortable, desk-free mouse functionality. Your right thumb manipulates the ball while your left thumb controls the left and right click buttons.
  • Organic computer keyboard design for relaxed typing - The iGrip's shape allows a user's hands to fall into a natural vertical orientation. Because the AlphaGrip is handheld, a user can quickly and comfortably type without being forced to sit at a desk with back straight, feet flat on the floor, and arms bent at 90 degrees.
  • Maximizes finger flexibility - Holding AlphaGrip's iGrip in your palms leaves your fingers free for typing.
Back of AlphaGrip Keyboard and Trackball
        character configuration -
        The Enhanced
        Qwerty letter layout maximizes typing speed while maintaining a 70 percent
        finger/letter correlation to the standard QWERTY keyboard. This reduces the learning
        curve if you are a touch typist and, once you've mastered AlphaGrip's iGrip, you can
        easily switch back and forth between keyboard and iGrip.

  •  Fewer Keys - When grasping the AlphaGrip, your fingers automatically fall on
        bi-directional buttons located on the back. Touch typing on AlphaGrip's iGrip does not
        require moving your fingers to keys above or below the "home row" as on a keyboard.
        There are 24 characters or functions on the iGrip's "home keys."
  •  Two-handed number pad - A number lock key allows the iGrip to be used as a
        hand-held, multi-fingered number pad for fast, comfortable, desk-free numeric
        data entry.
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