Is AlphaGrip's iGrip an Ergonomic Keyboard

Though AlphaGrip's iGrip has not undergone the extensive testing necessary to definitively claim that it is an ergonomic device, there are certain aspects that appear to make it more ergonomic than a standard keyboard and mouse. See what one customer said about the ergonomic benefits of AlphaGrip below.
  • When holding AlphaGrip's iGrip, your hands are in a vertical orientation which is more ergonomic than the horizontal pronated hand position associated with typing on a standard keyboard.

  • AlphaGrip's iGrip also requires less finger movement than that required on a keyboard to generate the same amount of text (see University of Utah graduate student Scott Rodgers' finger travel study.)

  • With its thumb-controlled trackball, the AlphaGrip minimizes hand and arm movement as compared to a mouse which requires users to hold their hands up on a desk and out to the side.

  • A recent study indicates that sitting up straight at your desk at a 90% angle (the widely recommended posture for using a keyboard) is responsible for many back problems, and that it is healthier to lean back at a 135% angle, which is the preferred position for an AlphaGrip user (see article, New Advice, Don’t Sit up Straight, by Sara Goudarzi on

  • An iGrip user can change his body position while continuing to work on his computer thus relieving the stress that accumulates from typing from the same position over a long period of time.

We do not believe that there is a "truly" ergonomic keyboard on the market today. AlphaGrip's iGrip, however, could be ergonomic if tailored to fit a user's particular hand-size. See our Modifying your AlphaGrip page for more information.

Customer Feedback

"This is fantastic. I've put my keyboard and mouse away and no longer suffer from finger, wrist, shoulder and back pains. I was worried that this couldn't be a serious replacement for a keyboard and mouse and would end up not getting used. After all, it looks like a gamepad... but then, I never suffered pain from using gamepads.

I'm glad to say that my worries were unfounded. I've only been using it for a few weeks (albeit for hours on end) but, already, I no longer think about using it: it's just 2nd nature. I'll not return to a keyboard and mouse." - Eddie

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